Lemonpure Cleansing Milk @LotusHerbals.

The face and the other exposed areas need to be cleansed properly daily since they bear the maximum brunt of pollution. Let’s check out my experience about the product through this review.


Price : Rs.195 for 80 ml pack.

Shelf Life : 3 yrs.

Color : Lemon Yellow.

Smell : Refreshing Lemon fragrance.

Consistency : Moderately thin, infact little thick compared to other normal cleansing milks.

Direction for use : Apply all over face & neck using circular movement. Wipe off with either damp cotton or wash off with water.

Claims : This unique cleansing milk is ideal for deep cleansing & removing make-up. The astringent property of Lemon lifts impurities from skin. Turmeric works as an antiseptic, maintains moisture level & preserves elasticity of skin.


Feel about Lemonpure Cleansing Milk :

The product comes in a beautiful strong lemon yellow cylinder like bottle. It contains a pump attached to the mouth of the bottle. The cap is tight enough to avoid leakage or spillage of the cleansing milk. The yellow pump allows a smooth outlet to the product with the help of the nozzle. It is good in removing make-up. You will not have to buy a make up removing product separately. You can take some LEMONPURE Turmeric & Lemon cleansing milk in a cotton ball and rub it off over the make-up area to remove it. It really works well and stands tall by its claims.

It makes my skin feel refreshing and the skin becomes super soft & rejuvenated after application of the product. Overall, it’s a very good & unique formulated product which contains strong herbal compositions to clean and make the facial skin beautiful. Lemon and Turmeric works great on skin.


Pros :

Cleanses deeply.

Excellent refreshing fragrance.

Travel friendly due to leak proof quality.

Great pump for easy application & no wastage.

Good consistency.

Removes make-up.

Preserves skin elasticity.

Fairly priced.


Con :

Herbal combination, yet contains paraben.

If used carelessly can sting in the eyes.

Squeezing nozzle if broken can be troublesome.

Not apt for oily skinned girls as it is too greasy.