Let’s promise to NEVER blame Virat’s Daughter For His Poor Performance, NEVER

Let’s promise to NEVER blame Virat’s Daughter For His Poor Performance, NEVER Yes, it’s only been a few hours since the most special Indian kid got welcomed into the world where hundreds of cameras will forever chase to catch a glimpse of her. We know how special a moment it is for Virushka and should also respect their call for privacy. However, there are some things that we should just set straight right now. Some harsh things that we should collectively take responsibility for.

The kid who just took birth has no idea of who she is. The media, paparazzi, social media however will waste no time in making her realise that something’s awfully off with the world she’s getting introduced to. Nothing about her world will be normal if we continue to treat her the way we have treated the likes of Taimur.

Now, whatever happens, her dad is and will be India’s cricket team captain, a job that is as stressful in this country as the Prime Minister’s. Anushka has been blamed multiple times for Virat’s dismal performance on the field, which even he has reacted against. In a country of 1.4 billion people, it’s impossible to control such unruly voices. No, Anushka Sharma doesn’t have the power to affect Virat’s game. While we have done that more than once to her, let us promise ourselves to never do the same to their daughter.

Virat will continue to deliver bad performances, India will continue to lose some matches but let us promise to never blame the newly born for anything her dad or mom do in their respective arenas. Let us not fail ourselves this time.