Let your lashes look voluminous and happy!

I recently stocked on to The Body Shop Happy Go Lash Mascara . First of- the packaging is so freaking cute! Baby pink and Green leaves, COME ON! If that does not call your attention, I don't know what would! I absolutely adore it!

I have given up on mascaras overall because of my super thin, sparse lashes. I mean, it is easier for me to just use falsies than pile up on mascara. I find the mascara wand to be a perfect size even for users with small eyes. I can easily grab all the lash strands and coat them with mascara. This product helps give volume and definition to my lashes and increase the length of it around 30-40%. I can't say this product gives a dramatic effect because my lashes appear natural with just a darker tint and appears a tad bit thicker. But I personally have used mascaras that can lengthen my lashes even more.The effect is very natural, no crunchy lashes and my lashes stay soft and upright all day long. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone! Try it out today!