Let Your Self Care Game Be Strong!

After a busy week if you haven’t been able to treat yourself to a much-needed spa then it’s time to switch it over to a DIY lifestyle. The face rollers existed from the ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese people considered jade rollers as an effective way of rubbing all over the face that provides myriad skin benefits. Nowadays, face rollers have become very popular. They are made using a number of different materials which do much more than relaxing your skin. 


So, Face Rollers Are Worth It?


Helps With Eye Bags

Rubbing a face massage roller across all over the face can stimulate lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce the puffiness around the eyes and helps to reduce the eye bags.


Soothing Effect

Using a face roller on your skin can give a soothing effect on your skin. Rolling on your face has so many benefits – makes your face puffy, improves the elasticity of the skin, and tightens facial muscles.  


Replenishes Skin Cells

Using a face roller is as good as the proper facial that we do. It gives a long-lasting glow, energizes your skin, and replenishes skin cells.


Improves Blood Circulation

A face roller is a good way to increase blood circulation. This will help your face to look brighter, warmer, and fresher. It also helps to increase collagen production in the skin.  


Absorption Of Skincare Products

This benefits your skin if you are using facial oils, serums, and creams into your skin. You can easily use a face roller instead of your palms to massage. It helps in deeper and better absorption of the products into your skin. Also, it smoothly glides across the face.  


Tips For Use

• Store your jade roller in the fridge to keep it extra cool, which can help reduce swelling.

• Regularly clean your jade roller. It can easily spread bacteria.

• Cleanse with soap and warm water.

• On Face, work on outward and upward strokes, so you’re lifting your face instead of dragging downwards.

• On Neck, move downwards towards your collar bone since you have a high concentration of lymph nodes here.