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Let's chat about Matte! Too faced Matte foundation!

I've hear a lot about this brand and wanted to try it's products for a really long time. My skin is a combination of oily and dry so I've Always avoid matte based beauty products. But recently I discovered they give a great finish and you can use it if you Moisturise a little heavy before. Too Faced Born This Way Matte Foundation is supposed to be an oil-free, waterproof foundation with a matte finish and undetectable coverage.

They got the shade match about as close as I think you can. I appreciate them not making the foundation darker than the concealer, which a lot of makeup brands will do, assuming most people use a lighter concealer than their foundation. I don’t do that because it emphasizes the sunken-in-ness of my under eye circles.

This applied best with a damp sponge. Using a brush caused the product to sit on the skin in a way that looked unnatural and emphasized my pores. I found that the product set completely a few minutes after application and could no longer be blended. 

Even though this sets down all the way, it doesn’t have a dried-down feel to it. It still has a sort of light tackiness to it. I would describe the finish as natural matte. It’s definitely not a dry, flat matte. The coverage level I got was probably light-medium, but it’s hard to tell when the shade is too light. Overall it stays for a good duration unless you sweat. You can surely give this a try if you love matte products.


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