Let's go natural! All about Natural foundation trend.

You don't want to look cakey. Do you? Beauty industry has come to the conclusion that natural foundation makes for a more clean and relaxed look. A foundation that does not stress over the idea of full coverage but gives a clean and a finished look. A skin like finish, soft, radiant and matte. These define the kind of foundation we are getting into. That doesn't feel fake or heavy. But it will be your second skin. Light in weight and easy in application. If you're trying to transition to a natural makeup routine, I highly recommend starting with a natural foundation. Here's my thought process: Foundation covers your entire face and most people wear it everyday, unlike, say mascara or lipstick. So why wouldn't you want to make the switch to clean and green with the product that's coming into contact with your skin the most? That said, it isn't always easy to find a natural foundation that works as well as the conventional kind. So try finding the correct one.