Let's look at what Shahid Kapoor said on his learning as he completes 20 years in Bollywood

During the interview, Shahid was asked about his take on acting profession, on stardom and to comment on his learning as he is about to complete 20 years in Bollywood since his debut film Ishq Vishk released. Talking about his chose profession, Shahid said, "It's a big question but I think, I just feel it's the best profession to be in and the worst profession to be in. If you have the capacity to be able to take the best and the worst, then I think it makes you, I don't know it can do a lot for you as a person, there are many lessons that you can learn, there is a lot that you are experiencing which can give you a lot of emotional maturity and a lot of clarity about life or it can completely mess you up so it can go either ways, it's that kind of job."


He added that, "So that's what you can take away from these 20 years. Be strong and get through the storm because it's beautiful on the other side."