Let's Regard This Sweet Gesture By Alia's Friends as Bridesmaid Goals

Alia Bhatt's bridesmaids found to be the best bridesmaids ever when they forced Ranbir Kapoor, the groom, to take a vow on his wedding day. Tanya Saha Gupta, one of Alia's besties, took to her Instagram account to share some unseen photos from the private ceremony, including one of Ranbir posing with the girl gang and holding up a signed document that began with the words, "I, Ranbir, husband of Alia... "I pledge to all the bridesmaids," the note went on to read but didn't reveal all the terms and conditions Ranbir signed up for on the big day. Isn't this the sweetest gesture made by these lovely ladies? What do you believe was written on that note?