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Let's spare a thought for Saira Banu ji, she literally made Dilip Saab survive for so many years

I'll be honest! In the last two decades whenever I heard of any news related to Dilip Kumar, he was either being taken to a hospital for a check up or his health suffered a hiccup. In those two decades, the one constant I always found around Dilip Saab was his doting wife Saira Banu.


For a man to be blessed with a wife who literally took it as a mission to make him live long, is a blessing of highest proportions. Saira Banu asked us to pray when he wasn't holding well, took care of him in every shape possible and more importantly, made Dilip Saab feel loved, wanted & appreciated. She became a messenger of love & peace flowing in from millions of his fans.


She shared every single stage with him and never really made it look like she was doing it as a duty, she did it out of love, pure love. Let's spare a thought for her today, as her persistent, undying efforts come to an end. Dear Saira Banu ji, your efforts for Dilip Saab will live forever, just like his everlasting legacy.


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