Life Is Not Perfect But Your Nails Can Be!

It is very important to give attention to your nails like any other body part. You may be very particular in following the skincare and haircare routine. Not taking care of nails can bring all your beauty game down. The key to a healthy nail is a good manicure. So here are few mistakes that you are making which are damaging your nails.


Cutting Your Cuticles

Hard cuticles have the power to mess up a good manicure. Cutting them is not only the option but massaging them with cuticle oil. The oil will help make your cuticles pliable and soften them.


Using Back And Forth Motion To File Your Nails

Filing your nails is a very important step. It smooths out the edges and gives your nail a proper shape. Always file them in one direction which will help you to save from unnecessary chipping.  


Not Using A Base Coat

Are you wondering that your nails are still stained with the last nail polish you have applied? This happens because you are noting applying a base coat. Base coats allow you to remove your nail polish easily and also helps them to become stronger. Also, it helps to protect from harmful chemicals of darker nail polishes and acts as a barrier to save your nails from losing their natural oils.


Scratching Nail Polish With Your Fingers

The biggest mistake that you are making is scratching your nail polish off with your fingers. By doing so, you are not only stripping your top layers of nails but also the nail polish. Always use a nail polish remover to remove your nail paint otherwise this will destroy your top layers of nails.