Lift : An engrossing horror thriller with a social angle.

Among horror films only a few like Madhavan's 13B drifted away from the usual route and set its own benchmark. Lift, another horror film from the land of horror comedies, managed to make few impressive deviations despite its limited setting.

Being trapped in the office, two IT employees played by Kavin and Amritha try to survive from a ghost that haunts through the lift. With stuck inside the company and no way to escape, the couples must find an exit to save their lives before dawn. It's quite heartening to watch how director Vineeth Varaprasad has packaged this horror thriller with utmost perfection. Lift doesn't make too many turns to be different but there are instances where the film takes genuine chances. Even within tried and tested space, the director has stuffed enough established sequences which elevates this horror thriller elegantly. Shot within a confined area with just two characters leading the show could be demanding but Lift makes no error. The movie never depends on the patchy vfx ghost or jumpscares instead focuses on the fear and struggles of the characters. Lift also makes strong statements about the corporate enslavement and how they treats its workers like commodities and disowns them. 

Lift is a technically sound thriller with each department moving in a sync within themselves. Tapas Nayak's exceptional sound design and Britto Michael's exhilarating score keeps Lift high all the time. Kavin, the protagonist, has made a really impressive debut as a hero and leads the show with his wit and charm. Amritha who's on average side struggles at parts. 

Lift suffers largely in its final act due to its generic flashback portions that sadly don't serve any purpose. A better placement of it would've made more impact. Nonetheless Lift is a compelling watch and a perfect weekend choice. 


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