Lip balm obsession, one of my favourites!

Well, this is a very popular lip-balm and I had it in my wishlist since a very long time, and finally one day I did order and I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase. 


Firstly coming to the ingredient list - Blood Orange essential oil, Rose-hip, Apricot, Jojoba, Castor seed and Raspberry seed oils and Cocoa butter. 

The key ingredients are Blood Orange essential oil that helps fight off free radicals, stimulates blood circulation and promotes even toned lips and Rose-hip oil that nourishes and protects them from sunburn. 


I have very dry lips and I tend to bite them sometimes which is a very bad habit and that has particularly caused all the pigmentation so please guys never do that. 

I apply this lip-balm 2-3 times in a day and it moisturises my lips so well, the texture is light but it provides a lot of hydration, I love the fragrance it’s very summery and citrusy perfect for a person like me. As of now I have seen a very slight difference in my pigmentation, I mean I do feel my lips are turning into that pinkish tone side but honestly I think I have to keep using it for some more time to be able to comment on this claim, overall I will definitely recommend this lip-balm as I have seen improvement in my dry and chapped lips and I love how soft and smooth they look and feel now.