Lisa's elementary school teacher reveals the adorable nickname for Blackpink's Rapper!

Lisa, the charismatic rapper of one of the biggest girl groups in the world today was born Lalisa Manoban in Thailand. She studied in Thailand till 2011 after which she left for South Korea to pursue her dreams of catching up to the stars. Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment in 2010 and among the 3000 competitors, she was the only one chosen to become a trainee with YG for their new girlgroup. Lisa left Thailand in 2011 and joined YG Entertainment in South Korea.

Lisa's school teacher, Ratchadaporn Ruengrit, who taught Lisa from her elementary school to middle school says that before the world knew the KPOP star as Lisa she was her most energetic, kind-hearted and adorable student "POCK PACK".Yes, Blackpink's badass rapper was once nicknamed Pock Pack.

Ratchadaporn, who taught at both Lisa’s elementary and secondary schools, remembers the singer as a playful, generous, and cheerful child who enjoyed participating in activities. she fondly recalls that “whenever there were performances or competitions, she would always join all of them, inside and outside of the school… She loved helping people out, like the teachers. She has always been a leader. She has always had that star quality”.  The teacher also revealed that Lisa has become an icon for young Thai students as she has made it to the top with her dedication, hard work and determination.