List of movies rejected by Priyanka Chopra!!

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most talented and successful actors in Bollywood currently. She has worked in some of the popular blockbuster movies. Though her career has shot up like anything, she had refused to work in various Bollywood movies for various reasons. Here's a list of movies she has rejected.

1) Bharat - Priyanka was offered to work with Salman Khan in the movie Bharat to which she agreed. However, later on, she walked out of the film due to her impending marriage with Nick Jonas. Salman might surely have some grudges against PC now!!

2) 2 States - Initially, Priyanka was supposed to be the lead in this movie opposite Shah Rukh Khan but he rejected the role along with Priyanka. Hence, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt acted in the movie.

3) Ghajini - Priyanka was offered to act as the leading lady in this movie but she turned it down because of commitment issues at that time. Later, this film turned out to be a blockbuster, I'm sure she regrets her decision.

4) Race 2 - Priyanka rejected this movie which was later offered to Deepika Padukone. Maybe she didn't want to work with Saif Ali Khan because of her feud with Kareena Kapoor back then.

5) Cocktail - The popular role of Veronica was supposed to be played by Priyanka Chopra but she was quite unsure about the movie and decided to walk out of the movie.

6) Singh Is Bling - The makers of this movie initially approached Priyanka for doing the lead role but she didn't like the role much and decided to pass it on. So glad she didn't do this movie!!

7) Heroine - Priyanka was the most obvious choice for this movie but she rejected it after reading the script because she thought it would be repetitive as she already acted in the movie Fashion.

8) Sultan - This is the third movie Priyanka refused to work opposite Salman Khan. This movie turned out to be a box office hit. I definitely think Priyanka has a with Salman Khan.

9) Kick - Priyanka was initially chosen as the heroine of this movie. However, she refused to play the lead due to unknown reasons. Later it was offered to Jacqueline Fernandez.