Is Little Things the Mirror of New Age Relationships?

I remember scrolling through my YouTube feed aimlessly and coming across this web series called Little Things. Back in 2016, the whole idea of a web series was pretty raw to most of us, so my unfiltered eagerness pushed me to click on season one, episode one. After finishing two episodes, I realized that I am already hooked on this show and the fact that I want more of it.

The story revolves around Dhruv and Kavya played by Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar respectively and the journey of their live-in relationship in Mumbai, away from their abodes. The shades of a grown-up relationship with a few bites of their playful side make the entire show pretty wholesome. The show successfully portrays the pattern that today’s generation follows when they enter a relationship which also helps the show to connect with the masses. Season two and three are already out on Netflix.