Live Telecast Web Series Review-A Ridiculous Disaster

Live Telecast the seven-episode horror series fails to provide horror and even a proper plot. The web series is a horror tale as imagined by someone who lacks the new trends in the genre with the changing times. The summary of it is that a television crew wants to make a super hit reality show named ‘Dark Tales’ and are willing to do anything to get high TRP. Everything seems normal until they get trapped in a haunted house while the cameras are still rolling.

The seven-episode series has been directed and written by Venkat Prabhu. It seemed that his aim with the series was to do a web series version of Kanchana. His writing fails to develop the dramatic tension needed in a horror series. Live Telecast is 210-odd minutes of characters as well as the plot lacking depth. One cannot expect their hair to turn white. Live Telecast follows a TRP-hungry television crew with Jenifer Matthew (Kajal Aggarwal) as their captain. She runs a successful reality show called Dark Tales. The show invites people to share their experiences with paranormal activities.

The show’s host Aravind (Daniel Annie Pope)shows no sympathy to his guests as he welcomes them with joy amidst cheers from the crowds contradicting the dark theme of the show. Jenifer on the other hand lack emotions as well as a sense of responsibility. As per her plan, Dark Tales tops the TRP chart. But soon the show is threatened by a newly launched daily soap which is the debut of a famous movie actress. The new show soon gets a better rating than Jennifer’s reality show and with this, her morals hit rock bottom. She decides to shoot a scene where a woman is raped by an invisible force. Chaos follows afterward as everyone gets hooked on her show again. She then decides to capture a ghost on tape and broadcast it live on her channel, she carelessly proceeds with the plan without thinking about the consequences.

The banal dialogue, weak plot, and below-average acting make terribly boring and not even worth a one-time watch.