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Loki Episode 2 Recap: Trust Loki

Loki's 2nd episode is out and streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. In this episode, we will see Loki work with the Time Variant Authority hand in hand with Mobius (Owen Wilson). The God of Mischief himself gets into all paperwork.


As the story flows, Loki and Mobius search all the details of the variant that they are trying to find and they come to a certain point that they are looking for another Loki in different shapes or in a different form.


Soon, they head to an apocalypse in 2050 where Loki finds himself in a battle with himself. He doesn't have any weapon but good news, he gets his magical powers back but how long can he fight? Will he get the answers for himself? Will he be able to find the other Variant or will he betray the TVA people and Mobius as well? Watch Loki's episode 2 on Disney+ Hotstar to know what happens.


I want to point out two parts, first I love how Tom Hiddleston becomes Loki every time he appears onscreen, it feels like he is made to become Loki. He amazed me once again. The second thing is, I hate Disney+ Hotstar and their episode releasing schedule. The next episode will release on next Wednesday at 12:30 pm. 


What do you think of this episode? Let us know.


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