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Loki Episode 3: Friendship in Apocalypse

Loki's 3rd episode is out and running on Disney+ Hotstar. In the previous episode, we saw a glimpse of the variant, the other Loki, who is wanted by the TVA as she disrupted the whole timeline. Loki follows her into the timezone and this episode is all about them.


It seems Lady Loki has a mission to blow up TVA (Time Variant Authority) but Loki comes in her way and takes her to another timeline in Lamentis-1 in 2077 when the moon crashes into the planet to destroy, one of the dangerous apocalypses.


Fighting and arguing and helping each other Loki and Lady Loki who calls herself Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) become acquaintances. But, the problem is Tempad is out of its juices and thus it cannot work. They try to figure out the solution and get into the train where we get a sweet Loki and Sylvie moment and yet again Loki proves how soft he is from the heart. But it seems danger never leaves these two and they get thrown out of the train. Now, what? What will these two do to save themselves and power the Tempad?


The episode is full of tricks and gimmicks. We will see Loki in his full grandeur, the action sequence is worth watching. Not giving you any spoiler but we might learn about Loki's sexuality. But, we still don't know much about Sylvie and I cannot wait to unwrap all about her.


Now, wait for another week!


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