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Loki Episode 5: A journey from the void to the mystic world

Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, and Owen Wilson starring Loki released its 5th episode. With every episode, the thrill, the fun, and the plot are only getting better.

The last episode ended with an utter shock when Mobius and Loki were pruned by Renslayer and we found out that the Time Keepers are only android robots. But this episode takes up on another level when you will find out that they are alive but stuck in the Void. In this episode, there's bickering between Renslayer and Sylvie which will lead Sylvie to self-prune herself because she needed to find Loki and who's behind the TVA. She lands on the void and finds Mobius. On the other hand, Loki finds himself among different versions of himself, where there's a kid Loki, an old Loki from the future, and even an alligator.

The void is protected by a cloud monster, Alioth who makes sure nothing gets past this space. But Loki decides to kill that thing and get back to TVA to help Sylvie.

But soon enough, Sylvie and Mobius find Loki and they set out on the journey to enchant the Alioth to get to the mystic world. Will they be successful? What will happen to them? Watch Loki on Disney+ Hotstar.


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