Loki: A God of Mischief or a true villain?

Tom Hiddleston starring Loki's first episode release and is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Are you excited or are you excited? Don't waste a minute and go watch it now.


Well, don't worry I am not going to give any spoilers here but I just want to say that this series is going to be epic and you may even see a few glimpses of your favourite Avengers from the past.


The episode starts where the Avengers try to get the Tesseract while collecting infinity stones in the Avengers Endgame and Loki takes the piece only to meddle with time and eventually finds himself in front of the Time Variance Authority.


Now, what is Time Variance Authority? What happens there and what will happen to Loki, the God of Mischief? He always portrayed himself as the villain, so is he a true villain or there's something else that we need to uncover? All of this and much more to unravel in this season and now I can't wait for the next episodes. What about you? What are your thoughts let us know in the comments!