Look back at this Hrithik Roshan's Unfiltered interview, which shows that he is changing with time!

OMG! Looking back at this unfiltered interview of Hrithik Roshan made me laugh and fall in love with him all over again!

After a very long time we got to see Hrithik being his actual self instead of just acting out like the rest of the interviews!

The last time we had seen him so easygoing and true was with Simi Garewal in her show called 'Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.'

Hrithik Roshan has always been a blockbuster star in the Bollywood industry and has always been known for his sexy looks and amazing dance moves! In this interview, he truthfully speaks about his journey in the industry, including his ups and downs. In the interview, he also jokes about playing some very funny and disastrous characters in his carrier, for example, Mein Prem Ki Dewaani Hoon!

Hrithik Roshan also says that in Kaabil he hired an acting trainer to change his acting skills! Do you think any actor would transform himself so much even after having so many problems?

Who all wants to see Hrithik Roshan in more different characters than the usual one's, also do you want to see him on the OTT platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime?