Looking for Affordable & Budget-Friendly Options for your facewash? Here’s what we have for you! #BeautyTruthBomb

Oily skin beauties will understand the pain of keeping the excess oil and shine at bay from the face throughout the day. 

However, it’s not that difficult to handle oily skin if you start right. Yes, start your day with the right face wash, and half of the work is done because a good cleanser that is formulated for your skin type will solve your skin concern to a good extent.

Since the market is flooded with options these days, we compile the best face washes for oily skin in India

1) Himalaya Herbals Foaming Neem Face Wash (Price: Rs 195 for 150 ml): 

Talking about oily skin, the best face wash in India especially for oily and acne-prone skin has to be the Himalaya neem face wash. It’s a cult favorite of many and is so very affordable. The combination of neem and turmeric not only deep cleanses the skin but also improves skin texture with regular usage. This is an antibacterial face wash so it will control and prevent acne effectively. Best Face Wash For Oily Skin In India

2) Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash (Price: Rs 499 for 170 ml) :

This mild, oil-free, and dermatologically tested face wash from Neutrogena will leave your skin squeaky clean, and supple after every wash without stripping off the skin’s natural moisture. It manages to keep the zits at bay and will not accentuate your skin issues because the formula is safe to use. You’ll wake up with glowing and smooth skin every day. Definitely quite a favorite with oily skin beauties in India.

3) Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash (Price: Rs 120 for 150ml):

All you need is a little drop of this cleanser as it lathers up very well removing dirt and impurities. This is one of the most popular and best face washes in India for oily skin and acne. Also, a very affordable face wash, however, strictly recommend only for oily skin as it may dry out normal to combination skin types! Best Affordable Face Wash For Oily Skin & Acne

4) Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser (Price: Rs 495 for 200 ml) :

This mint cleanser is specially formulated for oily and irritated skin-type because it contains soothing properties. The amazing refreshing mint scent will soothe your senses and will revive your tired-looking skin. It also removes excess oil, prevents sebum, and will deep clean clogged pores. Best Face Wash In India For Oily Skin & Blackheads

5) Nivea Purifying Face Wash (Price: Rs 99 for 75ml):

Nivea is a well-trusted skincare brand and their aqua effect purifying face wash is suitable for combination to oily skin. Popular as the best face wash for oily skin and blackheads, this face wash deep cleanses the skin due to its purifying scrub particles and gives a matte effect.

6) Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser (Price: Rs 350 for 125 ml):

This cleanser is oil-free, dermatologically tested, and doesn’t clog the pores. It removes excess sebum which is the main cause of acne and other breakouts. With regular usage, your skin will feel incredibly good because it deep cleans the face due to its purifying properties. Many women swear by this brand and it's totally worth a try! Best Face Wash For Oily & Acne Prone Skin Top Face Wash For Oily Skin & Pimples in India