Looking for a good toner to suit all skin types? This might help you!

Today I am going to review Good Vibes Cucumber Glow Toner.

Good vibes toners are quite popular and adored by many YouTubers. It is affordable and free of alcohol, paraben, and sulfates which is another plus point. A toner is a mandatory product in the summer skincare routine and I have been using this toner for a month now. So, here is a detailed review.

Read on.

A cleansing toner that removes excess oil and dirt for radiant, glowing skin. It maintains the skin’s natural pH balance and tightens pores and leaves the skin revitalized.

Crafted with passion, skill, fresh ingredients, and skin expertise to refresh your skin and enhance its look. After all in life, all you ever need is love, glowing skin, and good vibes!

It actually smells like cucumber juice and it isn’t too strong so, it won’t irritate the sensitive nose.

The toner is light green in color and almost watery. I simply spray it over my face and tap tap tap with my hands, I have never used a cotton pad to apply this. It gets absorbed pretty fast and does make my skin a little glowing and refreshed instantly but the glow does not stay that long. It provides a little bit of hydration but if you have very dry skin, you will not feel your skin hydrated or anything like that rather it will dry out your skin. It is able to absorb excess oil without making the skin dry or stretchy. The toner will balance oily, combination skin and gives an oil-free glow. While it can make dry skin slightly dull if you don’t apply a good moisturizer immediately.

Overall I think good vibes cucumber glow toner is a very nice toner for normal, combination, and oily skin types. It gives an instant glow and keeps skin fresh all day long. It helps tighten pores a bit but does not remove them completely. The toner is free of alcohol, parabens, SLS and has never irritated my skin.