Looking for a list of some good South Indian movies that North Indians can enjoy?


I need not convince you to watch it. In case you haven't, just WATCH IT!!


If you are talking about South Indians, then according to me Tamil comes first as they make tremendous movies on almost all subjects. Shankar the nation's all-time best director will keep you stunned with his movies starting from Gentleman to me. A few other movies that you can watch will be sure- ROBOT.

Vishwaroopam(2013):- One of the maximum widespread actors of South India, and arguably one of the excellent actors of Indian Cinema, Kamal Hassan's Film (Directed, co-produced, acted), a rejuvenating undercover agent mystery with terrorism because of the history is an untouched style thus far in India, but Kamal sir will depart an extremely good impression. 

Kaka Muttai:- (Crow's Egg:-P)(2015) The directional debut of Manikandan. This movie of younger slum-born youngsters' adventure to shop for a Pizza is Epic!!. Must watch is the handiest factor I can say!.


India's highest-paid director S.Shankar's Ambitious mission with ravishing manufacturing values. A Romantic mystery, in an effort to depart you awe-struck via way of means of the sheer magnanimity. Length is a piece of fear and won't be attractive to everyone. However, have to be watched for first-rate cinematography and unrivalled tough paintings via way of means of Actor Vikram.

Vaayu Moodi Pesavum: - (Speak preserving your mouth shut) Romantic mystery with the maximum revolutionary storyline. A virus (Mute-Flu) will purpose a threat in a metropolis that reasons surprising death/muteness. A clean idea with a witty screenplay will entertain you.

Malayalam: (Mollywood)

Banglore Days:- A a hit and exquisite project via way of means of Anjali Menon, Quite famous amongst youth. The soulful track will depart you trying extra. A romantic comedy with a buoyant exam of love, the basest of all human feelings and the bonds and bondages that it leaves in its wake.

Drishyam: A National Award-triumphing movie with a scintillating plot. A drama-mystery wherein the primary 1/2 of the movie is deliberately slow-paced and suggests to the target market the lighter moments withinside the own circle of relatives of Georgekutty. . The target market receives absolutely absorbed withinside the twist of activities that start to spread from the cease of the primary 1/2 of. The 2d 1/2 of is extra like a mystery and is set how the own circle of relatives comes out of the most important venture in their lives. Now remade into each different language, however, Mohanlal's performance can not be replaced.

Ustad Hotel:- Scripted via way of means of Anjali Menon and directed via way of means of Anwar Rasheed, Ustad inn is a proper strive at a slow-paced drama movie, Fusing the conservative with the modern, a virtuous lady luckily swaps her purdah for a couple of denim and a mike, and a conventional Mappila tune reverberates, powerfully, with a rocking punch.

Munnariyippu:-(warning) In a Mystery Thriller, Raghavan is an ex-convict who's redeeming his existence after his launch from prison. He stumbles upon Anjali, a journalist who makes a decision to put in writing an autobiography on his existence. Munnariyippu is a many-layered movie; that seeps deep into the internal layers of sensibility.

Kannada:- (sandalwood)

Though Kannada movies misplaced their lustre after a golden technology throughout the 90s, the previous couple of years were pretty a revelation. Two physiological thrillers have introduced Kannada cinema's comeback in style.

Lucia:- Directed via way of means of Pawan Kumar, the movie's plot is non-linear, and quite stocks similarities with its inception. A bit disturbing at times, but attractive on the whole. Need to be completely focused, it isn't always an ordinary stereotypical movie.

Rangitaranga: Another thriller mystery revolves around the abnormal stories of a novelist. One of the excellent thrillers in current times. Will blow you away for sure.