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Love Her Hate Her But You Can’t Ignore Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut and controversies go hand in hand. In her recent video where she is seen speaking about the farmer’s protest that has been happening in Delhi, people are not liking the words she used against the farmers and whatever she said about India and Indians.

Miss Ranaut from the time she has joined social media have become a phenomenon. She made her debut on twitter in August, 2020, and has been on a spree, whatever she posts whether good or bad becomes a headline.

She is very open about sharing her opinions, views, topics and making controversial statements and people are quick to notice. She is the first actor to get a Y plus security by the government. Well, she keeps herself on a pedestal and everything she posts or tweet has an element of “her” attached to it and thats all that matters. It seems like she's asking for troubles to come her way.


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