Love Jihad Controversy Alert! Has Sony LIV Not Learned Anything From TANDAV Trouble?

Sony LIV has released a teaser of their upcoming show, LOVE J ACTION. The teaser does not reveal anything, except for the fact that the protagonist is wanted by the police for kidnapping a girl. Soon after release of this teaser, the comment section under that video was filled with people pointing out that the show will revolve around ‘Love Jihad’ concept. If you see the title of the show first appears as ‘Love JI…’ only for the I to be replaced by the word ACTION, which forms the entire title – LOVE J ACTION.

Now a days, Filmmakers and Producers should be aware that they can receive threats, complaints and court notices for making a show or film which goes against the interest of certain powerful authorities. After the recent Tandav controversy, Amazon Prime Video had to change its schedule and delay its most anticipated show, The Family Man Season 2. It seems that Sony LIV has not taken a note of this. As no one yet has seen the show LOVE J ACTION, we should hope that it does not run into any trouble.

Watch the teaser of LOVE J ACTION here: