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Love your curly hairs (Curly haircare routine)

I have seen many curly haired girls wants to make their hair straight because curly hairs are unmanageable. But trust me if you follow up best haircare routine, healthy diet and taking proper sleep then you will start loving your curls. 

  • Its true curly hair needs extra care but never be harsh to your hairs. Don't comb your hair harshly. Never comb your wet hairs. Always use wooden comb. 
  • Secondly, if the ends of your hair are dead then trim them as how much you will do hair care but these dead hair will remain as it is and because of them they resist to form curls in the hair. 
  • Curly hair are really dry and frizzy, unmanageable, delicate so deep oiling is must for curly hairs. Mix coconut and olive oil and apply it overnight. This mixture is really good and gives nutrition to hair and conditions them and olive oil helps to remain the shape of curls. 
  • Never use foamy shampoos, try to use shampoos which form less lather. Garnier ultra blend (soy and almond) shampoo is good for curly hairs. 
  • Use good conditioner and it is a necessary step for curly hair. Never skip it. 
  • Use serum in damp hairs. Streax is a good serum to use for hair. 
  • Try to skip use of styling tools. Use them on very rare occasions. Because they do damage to hair a lot. 
  • Dry your hairs naturally. Drying hair using tshirt fabric is good for curly hair.
  • Use hair mask atleast once in a month. Because curly hair are too dry they needs deep condtioning. Egg mask is good for curly hair. 

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