Loved Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep Bhaiya of TVF Aspirants? But how many of you noticed him in here:

TVF released its webseries Aspirants based on the life of UPSC aspirants and it has become a huge hit. The series has even brought their YouTube channel closer to the 10 million subscribers mark. The one character which has touched these millions of hearts is of Sandeep Bhaiya played by actor Sunny Hinduja. This character has limited screen-time compared to other prominent leads but its impact is larger than most of them. Sandeep Bhaiya was instantly accepted by audience and so was Sunny. Soon people started searching about the actor and here's where you can find more of him: 1) Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare S2: He played Vicky, typical son of a political here and shared screen with none other comedian, Zakir Khan. His character had shades of overconfidence, ego, humour and pride. 2) The Family Man: He essayed the role a spy Milind who worked under Srikant (Manoj Bajpayee). Though the character wasn't as huge as Sandeep Bhaiyya but was definitely more active in the story. 3)Mardani 2: He had a pretty brief cameo here of a wicked politician, Beniwal who sought help from the Sunny (Vishal Jethwa) to kill a woman politician. He has been part of other projects like Shaapit (2010), Rasbhari (2019), A Viral Wedding (2020), Brij Mohan Amar Rahe (2017) etc. Well, we have to agree that Sandeep Bhaiyya is his breakthrough character and will definitely open more doors for him now.