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Luca Movie Review

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The expectations are always immense for any Disney-Pixar animated feature and 'Luca' had all the trappings of a cliched narrative.


The story follows a bright, inquisitive young 'Luca', a mermaid-like young boy who is stuck living in the ocean when all he has ever wanted was to venture onto land.


He encounters a rambunctious merman 'Alberto' and strike a friendship that sees them break all societal shackles and embark on an adventure in the nearby human town.


Despite a familiar setting with the usual coming-of-age tropes, Luca breaks new ground by subtly conveying its politics and messaging via smooth allegories and child-friendly situational comedy.


Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer and Emma Berman voice the three leads with the right amounts of authenticity, innocence and a childish sense of wonder.


Luca is at its core, a beautiful tale of friendship and camaraderie and tells us that it is completely ok to be the 'different' one, to own it and stand out from the crowd in doing so.


This movie will leave you with an urge to dial up a dear friend you haven't been in touch with or reconnect with that estranged childhood buddy that you lost along the way. And that's what makes it great cinema.


A definite must-watch. Highly recommended!


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