Is "Lupin(2021)" worth the hype? Let's find out.

It's been awhile since this French thriller series has been making a constant spot in Netflix India's trending list. The same reason why many others like me ended up watching the show(Also this is what I do for a living!) but since I'm all for humanitarian causes and want all of you to save the effort and your precious time so here's me Jasdeep Singh telling you, "Why you should not watch Lupin"

1. That dubbing! Now as I've already told you it's a French mystery thriller which means it's in French(of course!) so either you have to rely completely on the subtitles or use the dubbed English audio which frankly is even worse! Equally annoying are times when the audio and subtitles do not match. It completely kills the impact of several scenes and moments that could have been far better.

2. The repetition-The repetition To be quite honest I actually liked the first show of the series. It got me off guard. I mean the surprising elements, the parallel flashbacks and the entire situation itself, everything came off really well which is why obviously you would go to the next show but then the reputation starts and it's only downhill from there. The flashbacks, the surprising elements and the invincibility of the protagonist - The same poem is recited multiple times in every other show which eventually makes your ear bleed.

3. The plot A guy who is by the way framed by his own boss gives his teenage boy a book about a gentleman thief before committing suicide. Now the boy read the book and Volla! He liked it so much that he himself becomes that thief. A thief who's mutiple steps ahead of the police, always. And now wants to avenge his father's death. Add a song to that and we can have another Bollywood masala! Dhoom 4 maybe. Now there is no denying the fact that some of the actors have performed really well especially Omar Sy as Assaine Diop but considering its flaws and the predictable nature you might as well just skip this one and find something else for the time being. I suggest A walk in the park. ~J