M - Caffeine Body Scrub – My Honest Review! #BeautyTruthBomb

I love M – Caffeine as a brand because all products are coffee-based. One of my friends encouraged me to try the body scrub and I am glad I did it. Recently I tried their body scrub and it is amazing. The body scrub contains coconut oil, caffeine, and pure arabica coffee. The product is packed in a glass mason jar, which is an eco-friendly decision so that it can be re-used again in the future. It is travel-friendly. Also, it comes with a scoop which is great to prevent the product from getting contaminated.  


The formula has a blend of coffee beans. The beans are all lightly ground which is nice as it is not very harsh on the skin. The best part of the scrub is that it has a divine coffee fragrance. I use the scrub once or twice a week. By using a scoop, I spread it all over my cleansed damp skin, gently massage my knees and elbows for few minutes. This helps in blood circulation and also removes all the dead skin cells from the skin. Then after few minutes, I rinse it off very carefully otherwise the granules in it can irritate our skin. Afterward, my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated.


Make sure that you don’t use it on your face because the ground beans can be very harsh for the facial skin as compared to the rest of our body parts. The coffee scrub is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. 


How To Use:

On a wet body, take a scrub and then apply it all over your body parts. Avoid using the scrub on the face and also avoid contact with your eyes. Then gently scrub in the circular motion on your elbows, eyes, hands, and legs. Rinse it with warm water. Pat dries the body and then apply the body lotion to soothe and also close the open pores.