Magical ingredients for your hair!

Hair thinning or thin hair is a widespread condition. Both women and men may experience thin hair in their lifetime. Thinning of hair can be caused by various conditions like stress, genetics, pollution, poor nutrition, illness, natural aging, overuse of harsh chemicals, etc. No matter what the cause is but taking necessary actions as per the cause and performing home remedies changes the hair game. Having said that check this recipe out i.e., rice spray for getting that thicker, voluminous, and lustrous hair that we all crave. Let’s begin without much delay – 

Benefits of the ingredients used in the rice spray recipe 


Rice is a real treasure trove of nutrients that nourish our hair follicles and repairs dull and damaged hair cells. Fermented rice water has an antioxidant property that helps in getting rid of toxins that could accumulate in the scalp thereby preventing premature alopecia and gray hair. Regular usage of rice water has many benefits like getting rid of dandruff, strengthens hair strands, stimulates hair growth, and promotes thicker and long lustrous hair.  

Black castor oil 

Castor oil is known for hair growth and is known for treating hair loss. Applying fats like castor oil on the hair on regular basis helps in lubricating the hair shaft, increases flexibility, and decreases the chances of breakage. It also treats dandruff, an itchy scalp, dry and flaky scalp. 

Curry Leaves 

Curry leaves are very beneficial for hair since they are rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene and protein. They play a major role in preventing hair loss and thinning of hair. The antioxidant in curry leaves and amino acids help strengthen hair fibers.  

Method :

Things you need:

* ½ cup of fermented rice water

* 7-8 curry leaves infused in 1/2 cup water overnight

* 1  teaspoon of black castor oil  


To prepare this rice hair spray, all you need to do is first prepare fermented rice water. To prepare the fermented rice water, just take a mixing bowl and add 5 tablespoons of rice. Infuse the rice overnight in the water. The next morning, strain the water. To this fermented rice water, add 1 teaspoon of black castor oil and half a cup of curry leaves infused water. Give it a very good mix and transfer it to the spray bottle.  


To use this hair spray, just spray this mixture all over your scalp and hair the night before your hair washes and let it stay overnight. Do this once a week.  


* Patch test is mandatory before you use this recipe and check if it works for your hair.

* Use the fresh batch as much as possible.

* Discard the usage in case you feel any scalp irritation. 

* Do not expect instant results.

* Use organic products/ ingredients for best results and to maintain scalp health.

* Can adjust the quantity required as per the hair length.

* Hair growth doesn’t happen overnight. Hence maintain consistency to see the best results.