Major Update on Chris Wu rape allegations!!

Chris wu is a Chinese-Canadian and former member of Exo. He was accused by Du Meizhu of raping her and luring her on the pretext of allowing her to be cast in his MV. She also claimed that Chris Wu lured many young girls, many of whom were underage to his home on the pretence of MV casting or launching in the music industry. Then he would make advances on them when they are drunk.


Ms Du claimed that she was also raped by Chris Wu when she attended his house party. She was lured there by Wu's manager under the pretence of getting a chance to act in his MV. After the allegations surfaced, many luxury brands dropped Chris wu and terminated their contracts with him.

He claimed that he was innocent in all of this and he was being trapped in by Ms Du.

The case was then taken over by Beijing Police and investigated. The police found out that Ms Du was not lying she was indeed invited to his house party, Chris Wu was in contact with Ms Du over Wechat and he also offered her money for "online shopping".


The police are now investigating the other claims made by other women about if "he lured underaged girls on the pretence of MV casting".


I am shocked by all this. What do you think? is the Idol industry becoming more monstrous with it going global?