Makeup and Humidity Don’t Go Together or Do They?

Do you struggle with makeup getting ruined due to sweat? I’ve got you covered! Here are some of the tips I swear by:


Moisturise Well

Yes, even if you have oily skin that gets sweaty frequently. Skipping this step will not only lead to your skin producing more oil to combat that. For a moisturizer that works for you. 


Apply SPF

Never skip applying SPF in the day! Find a sunscreen that fits your skin type, budget, and slather it on. Let it settle in before you get on your makeup. 


Spray A Setting Spray

I always use this in place of primer to have that makeup not budge at all.


Ditch The Foundation

Ditch the foundation and use a concealer – we need to allow our skin to breathe. Layering a lot of makeup will crease and break down and nothing can prevent that. Spot concealing with a lightweight concealer which ensures longevity. 


Bake Your Makeup

Baking is a brilliant way to have your makeup not move. Apply an excessive amount of the translucent powder with a beauty blender and then brushed it off after a few minutes to get that flawless finish.


Stick To Water Based Makeup

Always stick to water-based makeup such as water-based tints and highlighters. 


Avoid Lower Lash Makeup

It tends to get watery and sweaty faster. Focus on the upper lashes using the mascara and the soap brow.


Set The Makeup

To make the makeup last – never skip the misting of the spay at the very end! And ta-da, we are sorted for the next 8 – 10 hours of sweat-proof makeup.