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Makeup that looks like collectible art pieces!

Attention all the beauty lovers!

There’s a new cover master in town with presentation that is so stunning you might have to think twice before using it.

This brand’s packaging might just make you swoon. Twitter is going wild for this Chinese brand's make-up packaging, which looks like it truly belongs to the museums.

The packaging is adorned with oriental and Chinese paintings. Even the lipsticks are engraved with them! Its color scheme features soft color blends of teal and aquatic blue with digital printing.

The brand, Florasis, based in China, is currently going viral on social media, and netizens can’t get enough of it.

To top it off, they use herbs to make use of this trend, flowers that are naturally available to boost the beauty of oriental women.

You can buy the Oriental line of Florasis on AliExpress!


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