Makeup Mistakes That You Should Avoid Doing

Are you all set up to get ready for the festive season and take thousands of selfies? Yes, I understand your excitement. So here are a few makeup mistakes that you should avoid. 


Not Prepping Your Face Before Applying Makeup 

It is very important to prep your skin very well before doing your makeup. Cleanse your face. To ensure that makeup stays throughout the day, moisturize and prime your skin very well.  


Using The Wrong Shade Of Foundation

This is one of the most common mistakes that many girls make. We all have made this mistake by using darker or lighter shades at least once during our makeup journey. But applying the right foundation will give you a flawless makeup look. 


Not Blending Your Makeup Well

It is very important to blend your makeup very well. Harsh lines and unblended foundations don’t look nice. So, use a beauty blender to blend your foundation and a concealer. 


Over Applying Of Blush  

The main goal to apply blush is to use a hint of color on the face. It should look natural and radiant on the cheeks. But over applying blush on the cheeks can appear you like a clown. 


Applying Too Many Coats Of Mascara 

While we are getting ready for the festive season, we all want long and voluminous lashes. But applying too many coats of mascara is another makeup faux pas so this needs to be avoided.