Makeup myths you need to stop believing in!!

Living in a world where makeup can make you feel so much confident about yourself is pronounced. But, there are certain makeup myths that need to get busted.

1. Makeup doesn’t expire: Umm.. It does. We generally believe that there is no expiry date and we can keep on using our favorite product for over years. Well, this will do no good to your skin. All the makeup products have a certain expiry date and should only be used within that.

2. Washing makeup brushes can damage them: Well, a total lie. Washing makeup brushes will not at all damage the bristles if done correctly. Rather, it is important to wash your makeup brushes at least once a month to get rid of any nasty bacteria, dirt on pollution deposited on it.

3. You need a foundation to complete the look: This sounds absolutely crazy to me that people out there feel that foundation is required to finish the look. Well, not really. I like keeping my base minimal and natural and using a concealer does a perfect job. Foundation will only give you an even tone.

4. Concealer goes before the foundation: Well actually, it’s recommended to apply foundation first and then the concealer to hide the other skin imperfections using concealer. This helps you make your makeup look more natural.

5. Concealer should always be lighter than foundation: It is always important to match your concealer to your skin tone just like the foundation. Lighter concealers will make your imperfections stand out. Do not ever, EVER believe this makeup myth.

These are some top makeup myths that you should totally avoid believing in.