Makeup Trends Everyone Will Be Ditching In 2021 #BeautyTruthBomb

Everyone knows that makeup trends come and go like the seasons; for a quick moment in time, spider lashes are all the rage. In another quick trend promoted on social media, everyone is shaving their eyebrows.

The fads that kept the makeup industry fresh and exciting in 2020 included a wide variety of looks, some of them ten out of ten, others not so much.

The once 'have to have' lip kit look won't be coming into 2021

Kylie Jenner sure made an impact when she introduced her lip kits. The matte liquid lipstick and lip liner duo is a favorite and must-have for many, as a lot of people love them for their intense pigmentation. But makeup artists and fashion designers put forward a lip look for 2021 that is far different from the overdrawn, nude-colored matte lipstick that Jenner is so known for.

Harsh contouring was all the rage, but 2021 is going to see a softer look

Makeup artists have made a name for themselves in part due to their contouring skills. These artists can literally shapeshift with precise flicks of their brushes, and the end results are often jaw-dropping. But harsh contouring and the trend of changing the shape of your face with bronzers and highlighters will be out the door come 2021 — don't tell James Charles, he'll be devastated. 

Matte makeup has been in since 2018, but the new year will be serving a new look

We know that a full coverage matte foundation has been in your makeup bag lately. It's ok, we've all fallen to the "have to cover every single pore" mentality ourselves. Luckily, that trend of chalky, fully covered skin is no more. As noted by Glamour, the matte foundation look made a comeback in 2019 thanks in part to Tom Ford and Fendi, and if full coverage is your thing and you know that it always will be, stick to it. But if you want to be on-trend, switch that foundation out for a CC cream or well-placed concealer. 

This eyeliner look belongs in the editorial photographs, not in your everyday look come 2021

White eyeliner isn't a makeup look that is going to last through the ages, so instead of trying to swipe eyeliner across your face and hoping that it works out ok, opt for a simple, but just as effective look in 2021.