Malcolm and Marie - Movie Review. Did the experiment work?

With the arrival of Netflix's latest distribution Malcolm and Marie we have yet again seen filmmakers trying something out of the ordinary. But does this unconventional tale about a filmmaker and his girlfriend whose relationship is tested on the night of his successful premier worth your eyetime? That is exactly what will try to figure out through this article. So here's me Jasdeep Singh telling you, "Whether you should watch Malcolm and Marie".

1. The concept I'd say it's an experimental conversational black and white romantic drama movie.(Wish I could find better words!) But yeah this is what it is in a nutshell. The entire picture is shot at a single set, the Villa, with actors conveniently changing locations from the bathroom tub to the dining table to whatever takes the plot forward. The director has very smartly used The Art of Imagery to convey the soul of the scene and it works most of the time.

2. The Actors Zendaya as Marie and George David Washington as Malcolm, the only two characters in this movie, undoubtedly have delivered their career best performances. The script allows both of them to experience an array of emotions and they have capitalised on the opportunity with both hands, especially in times when the actor is supposed to hold the screen while delivering lengthy monologues.

3. The Conversation In a way the movie is just a conversational experiment. It's two people laying down their thoughts on the table back and forth. But what's actually interesting is that even though the makers have relied solely upon those long chunks of monologues, never do at any point do you feel out of sync or alien to such a conversation. The same reason that keeps you invested in the movie during its course.

In the end I'd just like to say that this movie is not for everybody. You won’t have fancy locations, peppy music, stunning dresses and all those glitter to keep you invested. No! But what you have, actually all you have is a couple having an argument on one specific night and the bad things they say to each other, the emotional turmoil they go through and that one night as it slowly fades away into darkness. Still if you ask me, For sure give it a try. Available on Netflix IMDB 6.8