Malignant : A Below-Par outing from the Master of ghostly tales. Watch it for the smashing third act.

We know what to expect if we're in for a James Wan Horror Film. The spooky world he creates used to be much more fresh and original than that of other hollywood horror flicks. Malignant, the newest addition to James Wan filmography is thankfully saved by a smashing third act.

Madison, the protagonist, is terrified by visions of a series of murders. The more she invested in the vision the more violent it became. Her quest to find the solutions forms the crux of the film. James Wan with Malignant has made a strenuous effort to break the stereotypes of a usual horror flick. But Malignant gets too convoluted and tedious till the big surprise is revealed. Akela Cooper's writing offers a few notable gory, spine chilling elements but as the story goes into its second act it loses its authenticity and becomes less compelling. The making offers to be rich with captivating frames and creepiness injected into each proceedings. Be it the enigmatic score or the spine-tingling final reveal James Wan's audacious effort is easily visible.

The characters including the protagonist are alarmingly one-dimensional creations leaving the entire weight of the film into the shoulder of the hideous antagonist. The eerie aura around the negative image was perfectly captured by the makers, I really wish it was the same for the rest of the characters. There are several instances with loose ends and it felt like the entire build up was just for the climax portions. Thankfully the end portions served the right purpose.

In short this James Wan's new version of terror ends up a below par tale from the master of ghostly tales. If you're a fan of gritty, aimless horror thrillers then this might just work for you.