Many people called Alia misfit for the movie but Sanjay Leela Bhansali has a different take on this: Read below to find out!

Many people have praised Alia Bhatt for her performance in Gangubai but there were a section of people who had a different opinion. These people thought that Alia was a misfit cast for this movie and should have instead gone with Deepika or someone more bold. We all know Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika have a great bond with each other. SLB is considered to be like a family for Deepika.

In an recent interview, SLB was questioned on why he didn't choose Deepika for Gangubai, this is what he said, "They are different people. They have different approaches, they have different heights. They have different voices, they have different body language. They have a different approach to cinema. All that put together… Deepika is a beautiful girl, a wonderful actor. For me, Alia is a very beautiful girl, again a wonderful actor. But if I have to do Bajirao Mastani then I will have to have Deepika, and if I'm doing Gangubai, I will have to have Alia play it. So, each one has the power that they exude when they find a role that suits them, and you cannot give the wrong role to the wrong actor."