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Mapping out Bollywood's international reach from the years of Raj Kapoor to SRK.

One of the most common associations with the Indian image happens to be Bollywood. Internationally, the film industry gets largely grouped as so and is perceived with bright hues and music numbers.

Usually, those who aren't Indian might even think of Bollywood as too loud and out there, but Indian cinema has a massive market outside of India. Not only is it popular in neighbouring South Asian countries, but has also found mass viewers in the Middle East, and parts of Africa. And not all of it is attributed to the Indian diaspora abroad.

Raj Kapoor had become a household name in Russia back in the days, and a lot of his songs and movies were followed. Following this, Amitabh Bachchan expanded Bollywood viewership abroad. Right behind this was SRK's growing popularity in the 90s and 2000s which propelled movies immensely. So much so that a lot of these celebrities were invited to become the face of foreign brands, and even promote tourism abroad now!


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