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Mare of Easttown : A brilliantly conceived emotional thriller that deserves to be on your watchlist.

Mare of Easttown isn't just a crime drama but sets the bar high with its emotional quotient. 

Mare a detective of easttown is coping up with a personal loss and dysfunctional family life. When she gets sucked into a web of murders more things in her life starts to make a meaning. As each episodes passes we are taken deep into the life of Mare and the people of Easttown.

The 7 episode show perfectly balances emotions and mystery thus creating an tension on the minds of viewers. Each episodes ends on a cliffhanger and leaves us no clue of the happening events. The interrogation and findings are so natural and there isn't any usual cinematic gimmicks. Kate Winslet, the soul of the show is in her best form. She is exceptional as the emotionally unstable, grieving mother and intelligence detective. Portraying such complex character needs focus and she does it with ease. The final reveal was convincing and ends the show on a higher note. 

Mare of East town is a brilliantly written emotional thriller that deserves to be on your watchlist. Don't Miss.



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