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Mark and Sanjoy’s animated release ‘One in a million’

GOT7’s Mark Tuan, after departing from the band released his first solo project in collaboration with Sanjoy, a US based DJ on February 12th. The animated video of the single ‘One in a million’ was dropped on 14th February which proved to be a Valentine gift for the fans. The video is about finding ‘The one’ and the song combines both, rap and singing which gives justice to Mark’s calm voice. The video depicts a beautiful story of a man and a woman reuniting together at a restaurant, despite of the barriers that they face to meet each other. The animated versions of Mark and Sanjoy are seen smiling, looking over the two finally being able to get together. Both of them took part in production and wrote the song themselves. The collaboration was revealed on his recently opened YouTube channel on reaching one million subscribers.

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