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Mattew Perry is OKAY!

I streamed the entire FRIENDS reunion a while ago and let me put this out, guys, Matthew is perfectly fine..just a bit old! And I wouldn't blame him for that!

Agreed, that he has had to go through some struggles and addictions, which are showing on his face but other than that, he seems perfectly fine.

The speculated scene, where Jennifer Aniston places a hand on his shoulder while he's about to cry is a very heartwarming one between two friends which is the only thing that there is to watch out for and nothing else! The slurring is only because of the tears coming in his eyes and nothing more than that.

His sparkling white teeth and goofy smile is still the same and what's more, he and LeBlanc recreated the infamous couch scene for us, well, I was sold that very moment!

It is so amazing to see that this group of actors is still as close and tight knit even today as they were 17years ago when the show ended, when maintaining that is really tough at times.

Commendable job done!


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