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Is the media and netizens conducting a witch hunt against Seo Ye ji?

The K-drama star of Netflix's It's Okay Not to Be Okay boyfriend's 'manipulation' scandal was just the beginning of a scandal against her! Netizens have started digging into Seo Ye Ji's history in order to find dirt on her. The controversy has resurfaced allegations that Seo harassed former classmates and coworkers, and even lied about studying in Spain. While her agency has stated that all of these charges are unfounded, this has turned into a witch hunt against Seo Ye Ji. The university where Seo Ye Ji was reportedly admitted also issued a statement, stating that they are unable to disclose any personal details about a student! The real question here is, Is there a witch hunt going on against Seo Ye ji in the media and on the internet? Comment Below!

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