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Mega cousins Interview!

Cousins of the Konidela family - Varun Tej, Niharika, Sai Dharam Tej and Uppena actor Vaisshnav Tej - did an interview together for the promotion of Uppena which is Vaisshnav’s debut film. It released on the 12th of February 2021. The interview was a fun one in which the actors got candid about each other and their lives during lockdown. The film ‘Uppena’ was delayed by one year due to the out-break of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some snippets from the interview include:

- Vaisshnav Tej has a crush on Bollywood celebrity Sonakshi Sinha

- Varun Tej used to be a topper in school

- Niharika is Vaisshnav’s favourite cousin!

- Sai Dharam Tej’s all-time crush is his ‘Thikka’ co-star Larissa Bonesi

- Vijay Sethupati threw a dinner party on the last day of ‘Uppena’s shoot and gave each member of his crew 1000 rupees!

- Niharika and Chaitanya had no Valentine’s day Plans

- Varun Tej wants to go fishing with father Nagendra Babu 

- Vijay Sethupati got longer cigarettes specially made in the film ‘Uppena’ because it was set in the early 2000s

You can watch the interview on YouTube but make sure to comment your thoughts below after you do!


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