"Melancholia", "Now, We are Breaking Up" and more: 5 K-dramas to look forward to in November

From Thriller to Romance, Melo to Historical, a variety of dramas is all set to release in November. This will be the last set of dramas this year before we welcome 2022. So far, 2021 has been a lot better than 2020 in terms of content. However, there are a lot of highly anticipated dramas that are yet to hit the floors. Let's take a glance over these November releases.

  1. Melancholia: This drama will be dealing with corruption, scandals and dirty politics in a high school in Gangnam. The two leads will team up to expose the dirt and fight to prove their innocence. The drams will premiere on November 3.
  2. Now, We Are Breaking up: A story revolving around two people, and their journey of love and break-ups, set in the complexities of the fashion world. Marking the comeback of Song Hye-kyo, the drama is all set to release on November 12.
  3. Red Sleeve Cuff: A Saeguk drama starring 2 PM Jun-ho as a devoted King who falls in love with a court-lady, but his duties towards his country refrain him to follow his heart. A forbidden love story amidst chaotic circumstances. The drama will hit the floors on November 5.
  4. Happiness: It's an apocalyptic thriller that will mainly deal with the issues of class conflicts, psychological trauma and the fight to survive. It is set in a time when infectious diseases have become a new normal. This thriller series will be premiered on November 5.
  5. Happiness: Without a doubt, my most awaited drama. It is based on BBC series "Criminal Justice". It will tell the story of two guys, a student who is a suspected murderer and his lawyer, both of whom are embroiled in a mystery.

We are all hyped up for these much-awaited dramas and these fresh pairings. Which one will you be watching first?