A Meticulously Crafted Socio-Political drama with intelligent screenplay and brilliant performances !

What we love most about Malayalam cinema is it's ability to create absolute unconventional storytelling set in a realistic world. Malik by Mahesh Narayanan takes us into a world of chaos and betrayal and depicts the rise of a common people's leader. 

Malik draws strong influences from Kamal Haasan's Nayagan and reminds us of a few age-old gangster dramas. This inevitable resemblance is brilliantly covered up by first-class writing from Mahesh Narayanan. Mahesh sets up a story of two communities and moves deeper into their lives leaving no trace to complain. The characters he creates are full of life, their struggle we see is real and he connects the viewers emotionally with these properly etched out lives. The promising chain of events woven together with a proper flow of meticulously detailed and focused narrative keeps Malik less space for overboard heroism. 

The eminent Fahadh Faasil as Sulaiman Malik yet again delivers a majestic act. Though he seems to struggle at points he overshadows the flaws and what left is Malik, the protagonist. Nimisha Sajayan is at her usual best, she excels as the Don's beleaguered companion. Vinay Fort, Joju George make a fine addition to this journey while Dileesh Pothan and Indrans leave us awe with their earnest performance. Mahesh's vision and magnitude of Malik's world is laudable, the astounding 12 min single shot introductory sequence defines the prolific filmmaker within him. 

The non linear narrative in Malik is visually charged up by Sanu John Varghese's superlative cinematography and Sushin Shyam's enigmatic score. Mahesh Narayanan the writer doesn't let any characters wander needless, with strong performance from a stellar cast Malik makes its point loud and clear. 

Malik leaves us a lump in our throat in many gut-wrenching episodes. This socio-political drama may not have the spices of an usual gangster drama. But Malik astonishes you with its intelligent writing and diligent filmmaking.