Microbiome – A New Skincare Trend. Everything You Should Know.

When somebody shows a slide below the microscope in a show or a movie, I’m reminded of the movements and shapes of outer space - as if an entire universe is residing on that little portion of the glass. Yes, this is true with our skin too. A whole universe of micro-organisms exists on our skin, making an ecosystem of viruses, fungi, and bacteria.


Doesn’t it sound icky and scary? But yes, these micro-organisms are very beneficial for our skin. A good balance of our skin’s microbiome helps to protect our skin from pathogens and also supports our immunity. If there is any disruption of this micro-world can cause skin woes everything from acne and eczema to allergies. An unbalanced microbiome also makes us vulnerable to premature aging and also from sun damage.


So Why Do We Need Microbiome Skincare?

Because external factors and our habits can interrupt the stability of our skin. How many times we have used hard exfoliants, thinking that they would reduce our whiteheads or blackheads and clear our skin? Or how many times we have chosen antibacterial creams or soaps thinking that they will help us? Add to this the continuous radiation of UV rays from the sun, dirt, pollution, and more helps in making our skin’s microbiome hanging by a thread. Enter into a skincare routine that either fertilize your skin to create a healthy habitat or introduces a good micro-organism to your skin directly.  


Microbiome makes our skin healthy and hydrated. It takes care of our skin in several other ways. Also helps in maintaining the right pH balance to make sure that we are not prone to have any harsh reactions or allergies and soothes our skin against any sensitivity or irritants as well.